Frequently Asked Questions

How do we meet?

We can meet from anywhere in the world by Telephone, Skype appointment or Face to Face in various locations across the North West of England. Please note: face to face counselling and home visits. We now have expanded our services and cover Preston and surrounding areas.(within a 30 mile radius) Which is Great news.

How long does our Coaching relationship last?

Most people find that an initial commitment of three to six months will give you the optimum opportunity to experience the rich benefits of coaching. All I ask is that you commit to a month at a time. You are the expert on your own life and will know just how you want your coaching to progress. Many people continue to work with a life coach on an ongoing basis due to the continual rewards they experience.

Is Coaching the same as Therapy?

No, it is not therapy or counselling. I do not treat mental illness or emotional disorders as a Personal Life Coach. Instead, in our Coaching sessions, we focus on today, on solutions, and on gaining momentum into the future toward reaching your potential. However if it is therapy you need, we can work on that together. 
Counselling is about helping people deal with some problem in their life, such as bereavement or abuse.

Is there a difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Counselling is about helping people deal with some problem in their life, such as bereavement or abuse. 
Such clients need to talk through their problem, and possibly become reconciled to it. 
Coaching, by contrast, is often sought by clients who are in most respects happy and positive people, but who have something that’s holding them back. 
They might be dissatisfied with their job, their boss, their partner or a lack of spirituality in their lives.
Perhaps they want to down-shift, or move to an outdoors job?

A Life Coach encourages clients to take action. They may set goals at each session, and hold the client accountable.

A Counsellor, by contrast, will deal more gently with a client’s problem. The Counsellor will give the client room to explore their emotions and come to terms with a problem. Often, a counselling client needs someone to simply listen to his or her concerns.

How long does a Reiki treatment last?

Your first visit will usually take 1½ hours, which includes an initial interview to assess how best to treat you, lifestyle questions, any current medications being taken and a medical history. Generally, subsequent treatments take an hour to carry out.

What might I feel after a Reiki treatment?

The majority of people feel very relaxed after a Reiki treatment, with the addition of feeling more in balance. Most say that overall, they have a general feeling of wellbeing and calm. Most people remain relaxed after their treatment for several hours, although others may feel absolutely full of renewed energy. The benefits of a Reiki treatment are numerous and are always positive. On some occasions, a healing reaction may occur, perhaps taking on the form of a cold or tiredness or an emotional release. This is the body’s way of releasing toxins and unwanted stale energy and the symptoms will be short-lived. These reactions are not serious and I am more than happy for you to contact me so that I can reassure you. Your mind, body and spirit will always get the healing they need with Reiki energy and it can only be positive for you.


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